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Balaji Sevasamithi

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A brainchild of Sri Balaji Educational Society, Chairman Sri Kishore Palle, Balaji Seva Samithi is setup as activity wing under Palle Uma Memorial Trust, this service is setup with a motto to serve the society.

We firmly believe in the potential of a student and we equally believe in possibility of Transformation. Our Society has over 18000 students and majority of them would like the idea of lending a hand to help others and change lives for the betterment.

With sheer numbers and volume of students we cater to, SBES believes that we can bring about change in all aspects of society while instilling great values and even greater satisfaction for all of our students.

Through Balaji Seva Samithi, students can sign up to become a volunteer as a value-added member who will spend One Hour in every month to participate in programs run by the Seva Samithi. This is completely voluntary and we are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have over 80% student turnout for these events.

Thanks to all students and staff who volunteer for Balaji Seva Samithi, we are on the right track and path to create a better future and absolutely best opportunities for the nearby villages in the district of Anantapur and Society.